Race Programme




Date 6th June 2015
Start time Heats (15:30) - Final (19:30)
Duration Heats (3 laps) - Final (10 laps)
Entry fee £25


Rules Click here for the Folding Bike rules and regulations


2015 ENTRY

The Folding Bike Race returns in 2015 and will once again see riders qualify from two heats to the grand final later in the race programme. However, this year the final will be tougher than ever at at whopping 10 laps!


The top 25 riders will qualify from each of the two heats - click here to enter.


Click here to read the full rules and regulations.



The competitors, dressed in business attire will wait 20m away from their folded bikes, at the drop of the British Flag they will run to their steeds building them as fast as they can and setting off on a 10 lap dash.


In true commuter spirit, winner takes all - there’s no second chance when it comes to catching your train… Expect fierce competition, barging and even a little cheating as our commuters race to prove their skills.




Name Surname
1 Keith Henderson
2 Philip PATEMAN
3 Joseph Brown
4 Yavor  Mitev
5 Rimas Grigenas
6 Joe Nixon
7 Antonius Wubben
8 Rupert  Wyllie
9 Gareth Syms
10 Gavin  Morton
11 Richard Haigh
12 Andy Matthews
13 Paul Morgan
14 Stephen Janaway
15 Alasdair Leighton-Crawford
16 Peter Georgallou
17 Richard Collins
18 Peter Buckney
19 Mark Songhurst
20 Arbi Dardani
21 Andy  Betton
22 Khalid Mahmud
23 Henry Smith
24 Stanley Nutter
25 Robert Hendricks
26 John Batchelor
27 Paul  Williams
28 Ashley Briggs
29 Kevin Jones
30 Jeremy Conway
31 James Preston
32 Laurence Green
33 Anup Patel
34 Derek Mortland
35 Gary Eisenhauer
36 David Parkinson
37 Daniel Weston
38 Alice  Ewen
39 Thomas Steven
40 Mark Woollard
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